4 Simple Ways to Style an Outfit With Rain Boots!

Hey y’all and happy Thursday! I figured it would be more than fitting to do this blog post Fall if officially here, which means we can finally rock the cute clothes and layers again without the possibility of passing out from the heat lol. It has been raining a bit more than usual lately here in Dallas, so I wanted to share some of the ways that I rock my rain boots so I can still get the most out of the Fall fashion and keep my toes dry at the same time!

I see so many people pass them up because they aren’t cute and don’t really go with much, but that is not always the case. You can literally wear ANYTHING with rain boots and they actually have some super cute ones, you just need a little inspo to make it happen. That is where I come in, so sit back and get your scroll on because you will be able to dress your outfits up or down with some rain boots in no time.

So the first way I like to style my rain boots is just with some simple leggings/jeans, my sweatshirt, and an extra jacket if its chilly out! This is one of my favorite and most comfortable ways of wearing my rain boots because not only do my feet stay warm and dry, but I’m also staying comfy and cozy because it goes with my athletic wear. You can literally rock them with some leggings, a sweatshirt, a regular t shirt, a t shirt with a vest over it, or even just a regular old pull over sweater. If you wanted to make this look a bit more cute and comfy, try using a graphic sweatshirt or t-shirt underneath your jacket to make the look even cuter. Here are some cute sweatshirts I found that would def be cute with this look!

My second favorite way is rock it with a cute little plaid shirt, my leggings/jeans, and just a jacket, cardigan, or even a little vest to go over it. This look is so simple and so cute at the same time. You’re dressing up your outfit with your plaid shirt, but you’re still keeping it comfy and simple with the leggings and boots. I love this look because sometimes I just want to look cute when I’m out with my man (minus my legging drawstring hanging out), but I want to stay dry too, so this solution works WELL! It keeps me cute, comfortable, and most importantly keeps my toes warm as they should be. I went ahead and shared some other cute plaid and flannel tops that would be cute to pair with some jeans or leggings!

Another way you could wear your rain boots is with an oversized sweater, leggings or jeans, and a necklace to complete the look! This one is SO comfortable, very cute, and makes you look like you’re about to go out to celebrate a good time at a dinner or something, so it was highly one of my favorites. This is exactly what I mean when I said you can dress your rain boot outfits up or down, so definitely try it out with some pieces in your closet. Here are some other cheap sweaters that would look cute with this look, as well as some jeans and leggings that you can pair with it!

Last, but not least is this look with my favorite lightweight hoodie. You can ideally wear this with a pair of jeans or even some leggings, but just know that those rain boots go along perfectly with it too. This look is such a simple look and is perfect for a day full of running errands in the rain. Just grab a light weight jacket, throw on a tank, and your boots and you’re good to go and you look cute while doing it! Here are some other light hoodies that you could definitely pair with this and even some leggings and jeans to go with it.

Here are a few rain boots that you can pick up if you don’t have any yet, plus most of these are on sale too!

Anywho, that is all that I have for this blog, so I hope that y’all enjoyed it! Thank you so much for the support I will have another blog up soon over all things fashion, so make sure you’re subscribed to know when it’s up! Have a good one and happy shopping!


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