A Caramelicious Piece of Heaven

Do you remember when you were younger and got a sip of your mom’s coffee and literally thought it was the nastiest taste ever? Well, I do and I literally did not touch coffee until I was in middle or high school probably. When my mom would take Cam and I to Starbucks, I would always get either the vanilla bean Frappuccino or the caramel cream frappe, but as I grew older, I needed more than just that! So, I started to venture out and finally came up with my favorite Starbucks drink! Here is what I get!

  • Venti Caramel Cream Frappe (I get the caramel cream because I personally do not like the taste of their frappe roast)
  • I add two shots of espresso (three if I’m feeling like a walking zombie lol)
  • I ask for caramel BLENDED IN the frappe! (This literally changes your whole frappe game, trust me on this)
  • Then I ask for caramel in the cup!

This is the end result of what your little piece of heaven looks like! If you are a caramel lover and love the Caramel brûlée from Starbucks, then trust me when I say you will love this until brûlée comes back out! Hope y’all enjoy!!


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