Being Simply Madisynn!

I hope y’all enjoy this little blast from the past with my friends Kierra and Kayla! A fun fact about these two is that they are the only two friends I still have a relationship with and still talk to almost daily or weekly! My loves, the ones that never get annoyed with me always messaging them and wondering if the topic I’m blogging about it good or not. ILYY!!

I wanted to give a full in depth blog of what life experiences I have gone through that have ultimately led me to become a blogger, so what better way to start than from my senior year in high school. This was a time in my life when I truly living my best life and the only struggle I had was what college I was going to go to and what I was going to eat for dinner that night lol. I seriously was LIVING!! I got the opportunity to go see the great state of Colorado and started to fall head over heels for all things outdoors and nature. I got to hike mountains, I got to see a different atmosphere, and it started my huge desire to travel the World. After I got back from CO I was expecting to just get ready for college, but that changed real quick. I kept getting extremely sick and I ended up going to ER about 4 times in one week (about

2-3 weeks before I started college) and finally got admitted that fourth time. I ended up having an egg size infection under my armpit and they ended up having to give me surgery to cutout the infection. I finally recovered and it was definitely rough. I had lost 30 pounds or maybe even more, had been out of work for around a month, and was less than confident and more than depressed. My main friend group was leaving for college so I had about two of my close friends still with me, but I still felt down. I was literally always at home in my room binge watching some Netflix show, eating, or sleeping. This is probably when my “rebellion” stage kicked in because I had decided I was done being bored and I was going to go get my belly button pierced and get a tattoo. I got my tattoo done on Halloween of 2015 with my girls Kayla and Kierra! They are the two that are in my throwback pics up top.

My tattoo says “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” I got this tattoo because at the time everything I had envisioned or wanted to do was getting nothing but crappy feedback and it was more than discouraging. I wanted a reminder on me that I could look at so when I was having a bad day I can remind myself that we all have different perceptions of beauty, so do not let anyone let you feel bad for what you define as beauty. I was slowly getting back to who I was and what made me happy, not focusing on the negative people in my life, and I had even started the job that I am still working today. At this point I was ready to save for more trips, I was ready to head off to a university, and I was ready to face the real world. I worked so hard in school and it all payed off because I had been admitted into the University of Texas at Dallas to study Criminology! This meant step one of my hard work was done! This picture meant everything to me and I was ready to do what was needed to

ensure that I would be nothing but successful at UT Dallas. I was not trying to have to go to freshmen orientation at UTD, so I took over 12 hours in the summer to make it happen. I was so excited because not only was I working at a good job, but I just got accepted into the university I wanted, and my traveling dream was happening faster than expected. When I tell you that the summer of 2015 made me realize I could literally achieve anything I wanted, I meant it. 2015 is the year I gained the confidence I seriously thought I would never have. I wore a bikini CONFIDENTLY at the pool and the beach, I was able to pay my way on my trip to Florida and my road trip from Cali to Texas, and I just did more than I ever thought I would. I got back from my trips, started school, and slowly everything started to change.

I started freaking out about all of my student loans, FAFSA was being no help, and I was just STRESSED! I was doing really well in school, I moved into my apartment that was three minutes from school, and that is when it all changed. Adulthood hit me and it hit me HARD! I found myself struggling for money, struggling to find who I was, and just struggling to even keep a dang smile on my face, so I decided to try something that had been on my mind for awhile. I joined the network marketing company called It Works and it definitely changed the game for me. It Works gave me a reason to push myself and gave me a reason to become the best version of myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I worked really hard on It Works and honestly started to lose all interest in school, so I let my grades drop and

eventually I just stopped going to school all together. I wanted to have that life that some It Works leaders had, so I literally put my all into it. I would host parties, I would go to the events, I loved and tried the products, and I was just really faithful that I could do It Works! Although I did not hit that goal and even though I do not promote the products every day, I am still thankful for this company because it has taught me so much. Because of It Works, I gained more confidence, I learned how to market products in a different way, I learned how to make products presentable, I learned how to ultimately sale products, I learned how to be positive and help other become motivated, and it has given me a reason to dream big! I had always envisioned myself always being apart of It Works in some ways, but then I realized I was working damn hard for someone elses dream and that slowly started to make me want to think about what I truly wanted to do out here in life. I went to conference and that was the moment I knew my life was about to change. At that moment, I knew that if I didn’t start to do things in life my way and do things I truly wanted to, then I would never do it. I remember talking to my bestie Kierra about how I felt really stuck in which direction I

truly wanted to go. I truly loved the aspect of making new connections and helping other people think positive and stay motivated, but I wanted a way to do it on my own terms and share things that make me beyond excited. I told Kierra last year I wanted to do a vlog or something of that sort, but your girl is writer so I created my Simply Madisynn Blog to make it all happen! Of course I was a little hesitant to start my blog because I was nervous I wouldn’t get supported and I was also nervous because I had a feeling some of the people that claimed to support me and wanted to see me at the top would no longer support me. This is when I started to pray and ask God to show me signs that I am headed into the right direction and that is exactly what he did. After that moment, I started to design my website and throughout the whole process I couldn’t help but want to cry tears of happiness. I know the Lord makes everything happen for a reason and to see his reason play out was more than a blessing. I knew that by creating my blog I would be able to share my favorite recipes, my favorite places to eat, my favorite things related to all things lifestyle, I now have a place to demonstrate the growth of my photography hobby, and I even have a place to share all of my crafting and traveling adventures too! I honestly did not expect many people to actually

visit my blog or even subscribe to it, but it is actually doing amazing!! That was just another sign that I knew I was on the path that the Lord wanted me to take and that is when I decided to put my ALL into my blog and just plan out where exactly I wanted to go. I started to become more consistent with my content upload, started marketing in different ways, and even read other bloggers blogs’ on how they became full time bloggers and more. Some might think that it would easy, but there is actually a whole lot that goes into this whole process so I made sure to read a lot of them and reach out to some of the bloggers I follow on the gram. I was reading one blog and it was saying how RewardStyle is a invite only site and I was instantly intrigued. If you don’t know, RewardStyle is a place where bloggers can link their looks or their favorite things and people can shop those links and that blogger will receive a little credit for the links that are used. I knew that there was a possibility that there was a possibility that I would get denied, but I also knew I had a chance of getting in and making it all happen, so I decided to go for it. I applied and texted Kierra laughing about how I applied but probably wouldn’t get approved, but I was just proud that I took that step. The next day I had this email from them saying they couldn’t approve me, but my app was still in their system. I was like okay.. So I kept checking my email and had received that I had

actually gotten in and that I was OFFICIALLY an influencer for RewardStyle. I was freaking out and so dang excited and wanted to cry, but I work at a front desk so that couldn’t happen lol. To know that since I started blogging on May 1, 2018 I have been able to share my favorite things with so many people, I have been able to start designing websites for other small businesses, I have become an Influencer for RewardStyle and I have even made the step to take #SimplyMadisynn farther than I ever even intended!! For those of you wanting to start your own brand or just do something for yourself, then just DO IT! I had so many people say they would support me/were happy for me/couldn’t wait to read the blog all of the promises, yet when I actually did they unfriended me and blocked me or they are simply nowhere to be found lol. If I had relied on their “support” I would’ve been done a few months ago. Quit holding yourself back from your dream and make it happen because you will be a million times happier when you truly do!! With that being said, I would just like to thank my little support system and all of my blog supporters for even making this what it is today! From helping me brainstorm blog ideas, to photoshoot ideas, to helping me put it all into action, and just all the kind words I want to say thank you! I am also so thankful to each subscriber and each person that has viewed and shared my blogs or even shopped my links. Y’all have made this little Texan one happy lady! I have so many things for this blog and I cannot wait to let you all in on all the fun that we are about to have here! Thank you so much for being apart of the Simply Madisynn fam and if you are interested in shopping my links you can follow me on the Like to Know it app, and you can send me a message on my insta or on facebook! Just click the little insta or facebook symbols on my page and it will take you on over to my pages. The custom design page will be up soon too, so make sure you are subscribed so you know exactly when I launch! Thank you foreal for all of the support, it will never go unnoticed. Thank you!!


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