Bigger the Burger, Bigger the Bun

Y’all, my man can COOK! Not only can he cook, but he definitely knows a thing or two about how to season some food. He taught me this thing that if you cook your burger with some chopped up bell peppers and onions that your burger will taste more than delicious! I was skeptical as ever at first, but he has been right more than once about some food, so I let him have this round. The ground beef he uses either has 10 or 15% fat in it, truly just depends on what the store has. It is true that with a lower fat source your burger won’t shrink, but I’d rather have a not so big burger dripping with grease rather than a fat dry burger any day lol.

Here is what you will need:

Ground beef (15% is what we used)

Sargento Cheese (Colby Jack & Cheddar)

Chopped White Onions

Chopped Bell Peppers (Green or Red)

Hamburger Buns

Chopped Jalapeno (optional)

Homemade Burgers

Homemade Burgers

He seasons it with some deliciousness (I’m not sure with what but it was good), & then cooks them on the stove and lets them slowly cook from the inside out. After he cooks the burgers all the way he cuts the stove to low and adds our favorite cheese to it. We are huge on cheese, so we use a slice of Sargento cheddar cheese and Sargento Colby Jack cheese to get the cheesy aspect in.

Homemade Burgers

 He usually puts the lid on top to let the cheese slowly melt and once it is completely melted we plate them on our hamburger buns. I usually chop up some fresh Jalapeño too so I can top it along with my peppers. You can add whatever other toppings you’d like, then prepare to enjoy the best burger you have ever eaten! I hope my little synopsis can help you create your perfect burger too.


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