All Things Hair!

Keeping it real when it comes to my hair!  When I was younger, I was never one to really care for my hair.  Since I am older and actual able to try new things with my hair, I actually love it.  I seriously love all of the things from trying new products, to dying it  different colors, to styling it, and so much more, so I wanted to dedicate an entire category to just this.  I will be trying out new products monthly, I will be showing y’all literal trial and error for the products I use, and so much more so I literally cannot wait for you all to come and see what this category is all about!  Come check it out and make sure you subscribe so you never ever miss a beat!

Wash Day Favorites for Curly Hair!

Hey, y’all!  I have a brand new wash day routine on deck and wanted to share…

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Sephora’s Huge Beauty Insider Event!

Hey y’all!  I’m so excited about this blog post to be up because it has been…

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My Pothead Hair Care Review Created by Kail Lowry!

Hey y’all!!  I am super pumped for this beauty blog because it is one that I…

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Fanola: The Secret to Working on All Hair Types!!

My curls were popping the whole trip to Colorado and I am about to spill all…

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Curlicious: Styling Curly Hair with Vegan Hair Products!

Hey y’all and happy Tuesday!! I am so excited to post this blog post because I…

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