If you know me, then you know I loveee food! I get asked all the time where I got certain foods from, so I thought having a blog with all of my favorite places to eat at would be the best idea yet. I am so excited to share some of my all-time favorite restaurants with ya, so I hope you enjoy!!

Cheesecake from a Jar!

Hey y’all!! I have the best cheesecake joint for everyone, so if you love cheesecake, then…

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The Pasta- House from the South!

Hey y’all! I am soooo excited for this blog because this weekend my girl Kierra and…

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Milk, Cream, and Everything in Between.

I’m so excited for this review! About a month ago, my bestie Kierra and I were…

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A Caramelicious Piece of Heaven

Do you remember when you were younger and got a sip of your mom’s coffee and…

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Little Taste of Italy in Texas!

Do y’all remember back in the day when you thought Olive Garden was the best of…

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