Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Hey y’all!! Since I went ahead and did a whole Gift Guide for Her, I wanted to make sure I made one for Him as well. This one will be set up a bit different because I am literally grouping them by shoes, suits, jackets, game systems, etc from all different retailers just so I can make it a bit more simpler for y’all! This Gift Guide has been influenced by 2/3 of my brothers, my Pops, & with the help of Fred and Sneak as well, so shout out to them lol. Anywho, I will keep this updated and make sure to add the sales as I see them, so I hope you enjoy!!


I found some AMAZING deals on clothes for the men, so come check it out! The Kenneth Cole suit is on major sale and you already know I will keep this updated for y’all!


Okay, so I may or may not have gotten my brother and Pops to help me find the best colognes out and I have no shame about it. These two are the cologne connoisseurs in the family, so they won’t steer you wrong when it comes to choosing the right one.


We all know the men in our life will always love their electronics whether it’s an old play station, a X-Box, or even just a laptop or Ipad to play their PubG game on lol. I went ahead and rounded up some of the better priced items so that you can get more bang for your buck and splurge more on him. Here we go y’all!


We all know the men love them some shoes and Nordstrom was having a sale on a few items, so I linked them here for ya! I will keep adding shoes as I see them as well!


Watches are such a nice accessory for the men to wear with ANY outfit, so I went ahead and rounded up some of the nicest ones that I have seen so far. A lot of the MVMT watches are on sale too, so definiely check them out while they’re on sale!

That is all I have so far, but I will most definitely be adding to it when I find some new finds, so make sure you check back!! Thank you so much for checking this out and I hope enjoyed!!


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