Cotton On Haul!

Here it is y’all!! This is my very first blog on where I buy all my non workout clothes from and I’m so excited cause this store is life! The store is called Cotton On and it has CUTEST clothes, good prices, fits well on me even with my curves, and there is often always some type of sale going on! So since summer is here and I literally have not gone summer clothes shopping since last year, I figured this would be the perfect time to get all set up for summer and take full advantage of they sale they had going on. They had literally soooo many items to choose from, but this is what I chose! I have everything linked for ya and down at the bottom I have a code for you to get 15% off all of your full priced items, so hope y’all enjoy!

So for starters I wanted to get a romper that ACTUALLY fit me and didn’t make me look extremely awkward in the front as they tend to do lol. They had six different color rompers,

so I picked up this Frill Neck Strappy Romper in the Lilly Fern Ultra Green and in Flame Scarlet! I love to wear really bright and vibrant colors, so I knew these would look perfect for me. These rompers are true to size & I really like how the medium fit because it

  • Covered my front & my butt
  • It wasn’t extremely baggy in the front
  • I can bend and have no cheekage showing lol
  • The material is super soft and cozy!

I am seriously more than obsessed with these rompers and I cannot wait to get to wear them this summer! They are currently listed for $19.95, but don’t forget about that 15% off coupon waiting for ya at the bottom!(;

The next items that I got were two Tshirt dresses because they are honestly beyond cozy and who wants to wear pants in the summer?! I know I don’t, so I made sure I snatched up two of them while they were 15% off! I got the Tina Tshirt dress 2 in a size medium in colors Wild Rose & Peach Bud/ White Maria Stripe. I really liked this dress because

  • It is not too big looking
  • It’s U-shaped cut
  • It stops right above my knee so its not too short or too long
  • The material is extremely soft
  • It is super light weight, which is perfect for summer
  • & you can bend you butt will not show

The Tshirt dresses comes in 15 different colors/patterns & is priced at $19.95 before the 15% off coupon! It is beyond comfy so I highly recommend

These next two shirts are probably one of my favorite items of this purchase because it is super cute and will help keep you cool in this heat. You will see a spot on the blue shirt, but

just ignore it cause it’s a stain from my clumsiness lmao. I got two medium Astrid Cami tops which are currently 2 for $30 and let me just say I am obsessed with them! I got the Vivid Viola color and the Campunola colors because they fit perfectly for summer time and will look soooo cute dressed up or down in either shorts or some cute pants! These Cami’s have

  • Adjustable spaghetti straps
  • True to size
  • V neck cut type of cami
  • It has a sort of silky material
  • It is flowly, but not too flowly
  • & it has 12 different colors/patterns

I would definitely recommend if you like strappy shirts that are super cute and if you like a sale lol. As mentioned above it is 2 for $30 or you can buy one for $19.95, the choice is yours!

Just as the Cami’s were on sale for 2 for $30, so are these pretty thangs! I got two different colored Holly Kimono’s in the size M/L and they fit perfectly! I got them in the Lulu Floral Emberglow Base and the Chloe Stripe Emberglow and I think they are so dang cute! You could wear a cute top under it, your swim suit, or just throw on some shorts and a tank and your good to go! These Kimono’s are

  • Light weight
  • They come to about my mid thigh
  • The sleeves come to about 3/4 in length
  • & It’s a woven fabric

These babies come in 10 different colors/patterns that you can choose from. It is usually priced at $29.95, but they are currently 50% off for $14.95 or 2 for $30! Also, they are going pretty fast and only have size XS/S and M/L left in some patterns, so hurry and claim it while you can!

Last but not least are these super comfy and cute Ellie Shorts! I am seriously OBSESSED

with these because they are

  • They are loose, but not too loose
  • They aren’t too long and they aren’t too short
  • They come about mid thigh or a little shorter
  • I can also bend in these shorts and my butt is still covered so it’s a win win over here lol.

These shorts come in 10 different colors/patterns (sizes are limited due to people taking full advantage of the sale) AND they are only 2 for $25 or $14.95 for one! I highly recommend these shorts because they will keep you cool all summer long!

I am so excited that I finally got to share some of my Cotton On finds with y’all and I hope that y’all decide to spoil yourselves as well! If you got some full priced items make sure that you enter code S5L65933XH94 for 15% off all your full priced items(: Don’t forget that there is free shipping on any orders over of $55 or you can get it shipped to your nearest Cotton on for free shipping too! Thank y’all for the support and I hope y’all enjoyed this!!


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