Curlicious: Styling Curly Hair with Vegan Hair Products!

Hey y’all and happy Tuesday!! I am so excited to post this blog post because I have been so ready to try these hair products out and now that I love them I want to share the full scoop with you too! So, a few weeks ago I posted that I got my sampler box of hair products from a place called Curl Mix. I found them on Instagram and I was eager to try it out because their products are handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, and organic!! They have ZERO phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde in any of their products so you’re literally paying for some amazing products.

I went over to their site and saw exactly what they have to offer and I was more than excited to place an order. They have tons of moisturizers, hair and body butter, wash and go, regrowth serums, and a sampler box of five different gels, so I went ahead and started with the sampler box to see if I liked it.

The sampler box comes with five different gels and they each weigh about 4 ounces. With the amount of product and the ingredients that are in the products, the price is not too shabby. The price of the entire sampler box is $54.99, but with the discount code NellysCurls I only paid $51.99 with tax and shipping included. The shipping took about a week and the box and packing were actually really cute too!

Okay, so I was honestly not expecting to love this product as much as I did simply because I really don’t care for gel in my hair. I feel like gels just make my hair crunchy, hard, and just doesn’t allow my hair to live its best life, but this gel is DIFFERENT! Literally. The sampler kit comes with five different gels and five different smells, which is my favorite and a huge plus for me. Here are the five different gels with the smells, oils, and the description of what they are supposed to do.

The Softening hair gel that smells like Lemon Creme with Organic Argan Oil (my favorite) in it

They have a Strengthening hair gel that smell like Vanilla Berry with Organic Castor Oil

A Hair Growth hair gel that smells like Watermelon Kiwi (literal heaven) with Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Moisturizing hair gel that smells like Lavender with Organic Jojoba Oil in it

Lastly, the Repairing hair gel that smells like Rose with Organic Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera in it

I have tried each gel separately on my hair and it has been nothing but magical! The curls become defined like no other, your hair literally smells good all the time, and it keeps your hair shining too since it has the oil already inside of it. Not only that, but the product itself isn’t heavy, so you don’t have to worry about the product weighing down your curls or your hair in general. I feel like my frizz is at a legit minimum when I use the gel with my leave in conditioner and that’s a huge plus for us girls! Here is a little story on what made me realize that these products are legit and actually work.

Yesterday, it was pouring rain and under 50 degrees so I wasn’t sure what exactly my hair was going to look like. I used the Strengthening gel with my leave in conditioner and when I tell you my curls looked dang good, I seriously mean it! If you don’t believe me, then just check out this picture because you can see the definition and volume like no other. My hair air dried this day and I was honestly shocked at the results I got because it doesn’t happen too often, especially the day after wash day. The story isn’t too interesting, but it does let you know that how well these gels work in the rainy and cooler climates!

Overall, I give this entire sampler box a 10/10! Usually, I NEVER give hair products a 10/10, but I can’t help but rate them that high. Not only does the product work, but it is good for the hair and it is good for our animals and environment too since its cruelty-free and vegan. The price of the product is affordable and with the different bundles and deals they have make everything a bit more budget-friendly than you would think. This CurlMix sampler box would work wonders on not only our hair as adults, but for those kids that have the wavy and curly hair too! I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try because it has already changed my hair game in such a short time.

If you try it out, make sure you let me know how much you love it because I love hearing how these products work for y’all! You can use this link, to get your own sampler box, but make sure you use NellysCurls for a discount on the whole thing. Thank y’all for reading and using my link, it means the World to this small city girl trying to make it in this big ol’ blogger World. Seriously, it is much appreciated.

Also, this is the first of many hair brand reviews, so let me know what I should add or tweak for y’all! Happy Tuesday!!


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