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Hey loves and happy Wednesday!! I have been all about my curls lately and just making sure that they are flourishing, so I thought I would post an updated routine on what I do daily and weekly for my head full of curls!

So usually, I only wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner once a week and I always try and aim to make my wash days happen on Sunday. I have to make sure that I give myself enough time to do the whole routine because I am all about making sure my products stay on the curls as long as possible. I ALWAYS start off by giving my curls some Olaplex love.

Olaplex is seriously beyond amazing and is most likely the only reason my curls have been dyed for the past two-three years and have not lost any of my curl texture. You can get the Olaplex Number Three from Sephora and yes, you do need it. I know the bottle looks a bit small, but I can get around 5-10 uses out of it which I think is pretty good considering how much I use each time and the size of the bottle. I like to apply some Olaplex into my curls and I usually let it sit for about five – ten minutes and then I rinse it out. Once you rinse it out you will realize your hair is already looking and smelling ten times better.

After I rinse out the Olaplex, then I like to add in my fav purple shampoo! You can get it straight from Amazon, but it is so amazing! You get a lot in the bottle, so it will last you forever and it will definitely keep your blonde from turning that yellow color we all want to avoid. I like to make sure that my hair is literally drowning in the purple shampoo and then I just put it up in a bun for about 5-7 minutes and then rinse it out. You will have purple all over your hands, so make sure you rinse them off because it can stain a little.

Once the purple shampoo, I like to take my Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo and I like to use it to just make sure any of the extra purple shampoo is out and just give my hair one more cleanse before I condition. I have been loving this shampoo because it really helps define my curls, hydrate my curls, and it just makes my scalp feel better. You don’t need that much and it isn’t even $10, so it is definitely worth the purchase. You can pick it up from Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, a lot of places, so check it out!

After I shampoo, my routine tends to get a bit more intense hahah! I haven’t always done my conditioning this way, but I have recently and I think it has been helping my curls more than ever. I use the It’s a 10 miracle hair mask and it’s a really great deep conditioner, so know that is worth its price! Before I apply the conditioner, I like to section off my hair so that each section of my hair truly gets conditioned. I start at the bottom and work up, but I make sure that each strand does have conditioner on it because it is the livelihood of my curls. So once I make sure that each piece of my hair is drowning in conditioner, I like to just throw it in a bun and let it sit until the next day. You don’t have to leave it in overnight, but I have found that it is what works best for my curls.

After I rinse out the conditioner, I make sure that I have a cotton tshirt and dry my hair so that I can reduce any frizziness that I would create by towel drying. I like to keep a little bit of water in the hair just because I feel like it makes styling my hair a bit smoother. Once it is towel dryed, I like to section off my hair and just comb through my hair before styling with my rat tail comb. Once I get my comb through the section I am currently working with, I like to just mix some olive oil with the leave in conditioner by TIGI and curls rock amplifier by TIGI. I have been LOVING this combination because it defines my curls like no other, keeps

my curls hydrated, separates my curls, and keeps the frizziness to a bare minimum. I style my hair in sections until all of my hair is covered because I feel like it just makes my hair look the greatest it can. After I style it, I either let it air dry or diffuse it, but I personally like to air dry more. I know it might seem like this routine takes forever, but I promise it doesn’t and it will make your curls POP!! I hope y’all like this hair routine with these current products and I seriously cannot to come back and do more product reviews for all of my #Curlfriends. Thanks for readings and stopping by, it is appreciated! I linked everything in the blog for y’all, so enjoy!


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