Denver Travel Guide!!


Hey y’all!!  The Denver Travel Guide is officially here and I seriously cannot wait to share everything with y’all!!  I am going to be talking about all things food, activities, adventures, places to stay, and so much more, so grab a snack and come check out some of the top things to do while you’re in Colorado!!

First things first is how will your arrive?  If you live in Texas like us, then do yourself a favor and catch a flight because you will be driving 8 hours and still be somewhere in Texas lol!  We usually fly Southwest and if you book on Tuesday or Wednesday’s the prices seem to be much cheaper.  The flights will also be much cheaper if you have an A.M. flight so just a heads up when booking.  Once we got there, we rented a car because with all the activities we wanted to do and all of the places we wanted to see it would just be easier to not have to catch an Uber.  Not only that, but we wanted to go to the mountains and we were told that a lot of the times Uber will drive you up to the mountains, but when it is time to come back down it was a bit harder to catch one because everyone was already headed back.  So, if you plan to travel to the mountains, I would HIGHLY recommend renting a car because it will just make everything much simpler!

After you figure out the transportation part, then comes housing.  Fred and I have been to Colorado three times in the past year and every single time we have gotten an Air BnB rather than getting a hotel just because it makes the experience that much better!  We loved the Air BnB because we were able to make a home cooked meal if we wanted, we were able to wash all of our clothes before we went home, and it just makes you feel more at home while you’re on vacation.  If you decide to get an Air BnB in Denver, I would highly recommend trying to find one in the Sloan Lake Area or even the Downtown Area because it is close to everything.  This past time we went we stayed in Commerce City which was close to the airport, but it was about 20-30 minutes for all the activities, the good food places, etc, so I honestly wouldn’t recommend doing an Air BnB there.

On to the good stuff now, the food!! The first resturant I recommend out in Denver is Even Stevens Sandwiches located at 4245 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204.  Kierra and I discovered this place when we came to Denver last October and we were obsessed!  It was right around the corner from our Air BnB, so we just walked there both times!!  The place itself is SO cute and the whole atmosphere is such a fun and positive one.

Even Stevens in Denver

Even Stevens Non Profit Partners!

Sorry about the unevenness of the picture, I promise I am working on it lol!

This place has always been one of my favorite places in Denver because whens someone buys a sandwich the store goes and donates a sandwich to a local non-profit organization.  I am all about giving back, so their mission statement is one that I will forever love.  It is a bit on the pricier side, but I think the fact that they donate a sandwich to a non profit makes it worth every penny.  The menu here is one of my favorites because everything is from somewhere local in Denver which makes every single Even Stevens location different in a good way!  Each sandwich comes with either a salad or some chips, but you could also upgrade your side to something different for just $2.

Even Stevens menu in Denver, CO.

Even Stevens Specials in Denver

Okay, the food is LIT!!  Seriously, every single thing tastes so good and I cannot get enough of it.  I got the JP Grilled Cheese which is a sandwich with melty white cheddar, poppin cream cheese, and garlic roasted jalapeños on french bread and then I went ahead and added in some chicken and onions and it was everything!!  I think the chicken and the onions give it that extra taste, but you could definitely eat it by itself and still be just as good.  Fred got Da Gouda and he seriously LOVED it, like he is still talking about it to this day lol.  Here are some pics of my sandwich and I promise it tastes just as good as it looks!

JP Grilled Cheese from Even Stevens

JP Grilled Cheese from Even Stevens

Another place that we went to and I LOVED was called the Pizzeria Locale.  This place was located at 3484 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211.  It was SO good, everything was fresh, and you literally got to put whatever topping and how ever much cheese you wanted on your pizza too!  I went ahead and got the cheesy garlic bread because 1.) I have a cheese addiction and 2.) cheesy garlic bread is the best.  It was seriously so good, not too greasy or garlicly, and literally just the perfect amount.

The cheesy garlic bread at the Pizzeria Locale in Denver.

The pizza was LIT!  I got a personal pizza with extra extra cheese, pepperoni, bell peppers, roasted red peppers, and some onions.  It was SO good and kind of reminded me of the pizza from Grimaldi’s here in Dallas.  It is one of this coal brick oven pizzas too so the taste of the crust and just the pizza in general was impeccable.  I couldn’t finish the whole pizza, so I took it back to the Air BnB and ate for a snack later.  Seriously, if you ever are in Denver then you HAVE to try this place out because it is so dang good!  The prices aren’t bad either because for two pizzas with all of the toppings, cheesy garlic bread, and a personal pizza it was only about $20 0r s0.  So good and budget friendly if you are trying to eat.

My personal pizza from pizzeria locale in Denver

Mel's personal pizza from Pizzeria Locale

One day we went to a fairly new burger joint that is called the 5280 Burger Bar.  It was so cute, the atmosphere was good, and it was a place you could catch some sports too!  The managers were walking around to and asking how everyone loved the food which makes the experience even better.

5280 Burger Bar

5280 Burger Bar

The menu was so unique and had some of the most delicious sounding burgers and appetizers on it too!  I was literally trying to talk myself out of getting two appetizers lol.  Their restaurant is called the 5280 Burger Bar so a lot of the items were named 5280 wings, and some were like the 5280 pretzels.

Menu at the 5280 Burger Bar

Menu at the 5280 Burger Bar

They had a ton of appetizers to choose from and a ton of burger options that I would’ve never even thought to put on a burger. Fred and I got their 5280 Poppers and they were pretty dang good.  It was a grilled jalapeño with pimento cheese, pico de gallo, and wrapped around in some bacon.  It wasn’t too spicy or too cheesy, it was honestly just right.  The ranch was freaking delicious and tasted homemade too!! Mel and her booski got the 5280 Wings and they had Thai, Buffalo, and Barbecue, but they got Thai and said it was so good.

5280 Poppers from Burger Bar

  Their burgers were HUGE too!  Like one of those big ol’ burgers that you would usually see on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  I got the New Mexican Green Chili Burger and it was pretty good.  It came with 100% black angus beef, pepper jack cheese, hatch green chili, crispy tortilla chips, and I got jalapeño Cream cheese because I’m a cream cheese fanatic.  I feel like I would’ve liked it better without the green chili, but it was still pretty good.   You could add fried eggs, avocado, bacon, and more cheese if you wanted and you got to choose your own bun.  I got mine on the classic potato bread with sesame seeds, but you could do a grain bread, gluten free bread, or wrap it in some lettuce if you are keto!!

The New Mexican Green Chile Burger from 5280 Burger Bar

For Thanksgiving, we went to the Rodizio Grill and it was SO GOOD.  This restaurant is a bit on the pricier side, but it is such a fun way to do a date night.  They come around with all different types of steaks, chicken, lamb, they have a salad bar, a pasta bar, and all the bread that you can eat.  Everything is unlimited, so if you are trying to get all the bang for your buck then I highly recommend not eating heavy at all that day until you get there.  We also ate at Del Taco and holy taco that place is heavenly!!  It is so affordable, so delicious, and super fast if you are in a hurry.  Now, we had one of these babies here in Dallas, but they shut it down, so I was definitely trying to get all the yumminess while I was there lol!  They also had Qdoba and let me tell you, it was good!!  I loved that you could personalize everything and it was still an affordable meal.  If you have any must eat places in Denver, comment on the blog and let me know!

That is really all of the food recommendations that I have, but I have a some adventures that would be so fun for y’all to do!  The first one is the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  Kierra, Fred, Will, and I went for the very first time last October and it was MINDBLOWING.  These mountains are most definitely a site to see and it will literally be something that you remember for a lifetime.  The whole drive up to the top is absolutely breathtaking and something like you’ve never seen before.  There are places for you to pull to the side so that you can take in the moment and scenery, but you know we all used it for a photo op.  My one suggestion is that if you do plan on going to the mountains, then make sure that you go early because you do not want to be driving down that huge mountain when the sun is going down.  We went around 11 or noon and by the time we were headed back down, so was the sun so we had just enough sunlight to get down.  Here are some pics from this gorgeous place!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

The next place that Kierra, Fred, and I went to was the Red Rocks.  This view is one that I literally always think of because it is so beautiful.  The rocks are a gorgeous color, the way they are formed is just different than usual, and the view from the very top is literally everything!  Kierra and I had went last October and went down towards the bottom and then Fred and I went this past November and went all the way up!  The really cool thing about the Red Rocks is that it is an amphitheater, so you can literally watch a concert in one of coolest atmospheres ever.  I’m so obsessed with it and here is why.  IMG_4567IMG_4509IMG_3690LRG_DSC08756LRG_DSC08748IMG_1400IMG_1061IMG_0486IMG_1987LRG_DSC08741LRG_DSC08732LRG_DSC08731LRG_DSC08600

I told y’all that view was gorgeous!  Another place that you could go is the Garden of the Gods park.  This one was on my bucket list because one of my facebook friends went and the pictures were gorgeous!  We made it to the Park when the sun was going down, so we weren’t able to see the whole park in all of its glory, but from what we did see we loved.  You can hike this trail and I even saw some cars driving up, so just know that there is a way for you to see the beauty that this park has to offer.  Here are some pictures from when we started to walk around and explore.



If you aren’t trying to hit up the mountains, don’t worry cause I have some free art for you to enjoy.  The Street Art in Denver is absolutely amazing!!  The talent that these artists have is beyond amazing and I love that every time I have gone back to Larimer Street that there was always something new and beautiful to check out!  Here are some of the pieces of art that they had, it was incredible.


That was just some of the art too because they had a TON more in the alley ways.  Anywho, that is really everything that I have for my #DenverTravelGuide, so I hope y’all enjoyed it!  I cannot wait to work on more travel guides for y’all, so stay tuned y’all!!  Thank you for reading and I hope you have a blast in Denver!


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