Diaper Bag Musts: Hospital & Everyday Edition

Diaper Bag Must Haves - Simply Madisynn

 Diaper Bag Must Haves - Simply Madisynn!

Diaper Bag Must Haves - Simply Madisynn!

Diaper Bag Must Haves - Simply Madisynn!

All the toys - Simply Madisynn!

Diaper Bag Must Haves - Simply Madisynn!

Extra Pacifiers - Simply Madisynn!

Extra Clothes - Simply Madisynn!

Hey y’all!  Baby Greysyn has been here for five months now and I am finally back in the swing of things when It comes to the blog life.  I am currently working on my labor and delivery story, but before I go ahead and get that up I wanted to share some of my Diaper Bag Must-Haves in hopes to help other future mommas not feel so overwhelmed at one of the craziest times of their lives.

Being a first-time mom, I wasn’t really sure what to bring for Grey, so I turned to Pinterest for guidance.  When I got to the hospital and had Greysyn I realized I had definitely overpacked the diaper bag which is why I want to share this blog for y’all!  I will share what I packed in the diaper bag for the hospital first, so here we go!

Diaper Bag for the Hospital

  • A huge must for me was the swaddles!  Your baby just spent 40 weeks inside of your belly, so they want to be held tight and kept warm, so these help a ton!  Greysyn loved the Muslin Swaddle blankets and the swaddle me swaddles as well.  I know you can get custom ones made via Etsy or even grab some cute ones from Amazon if you are wanting to get some cute pictures while in the hospital.  I know nested bean and other brands make swaddles as well, but the ones from target worked amazing for us!

  • Bring different size outfits just in case.  I had only brought newborn outfits because I knew he was not that big, but I was not expecting him to be only 6 lbs. 14 oz, so his outfits were a little big on him.  I would recommend getting a few premie, and even some 0-3 month outfits just depending on whether or not your doctor has told you your little babe will be on the smaller or bigger side.  The zipper sleepers were super easy for when you have to change a diaper, so I would definitely pack some of those.   Also, your hospital will have someone to come around and snap some pictures of the baby, so you can choose something for that as well.

Cloud Island (Target Brand) has good quality reverse zipper sleepers that have the hand mitts built in!  I still use these sleepers still to this day because they are my favorite.  I will link them here for you.

Zulily is another place that has a ton of amazing baby clothes!  My mom had ordered some for Grey and I am obsessed with them!!  I linked some below too!

  • Baby hats are a lifesaver!!  Baby Grey had super cold ears while we were in the hospital, so I would definitely pack a few different hats just to protect their cute little head and to keep their head warm too.  Amazon, Target, Walmart, and a ton of other places have different hats for your little babes.

  • Socks and mittens are a must because their little toes get so cold and their nails are pretty long and can scratch their little face.  I’d bring different sizes when It comes to socks as well because Grey’s feet were a little too big for the newborn sizes.  If you get the cloud island sleepers they have mittens built-in, so those were my favorite when he was super little.
  • If you choose to let your baby use a pacifier, then definitely don’t forget to pack that.  I did not pack one because I am breastfeeding and heard how they can cause nipple confusion, but by day three he had a soothe.  It is definitely a personal preference, but you could always pack one just in case you change your mind at the hospital. My hospital did not give them out and I know a lot of other hospitals do not give them out either, so def pack one just in case.
    • If you are breastfeeding and want to give your baby a pacifier, then try these down below.  They mimic a nipple so It won’t cause confusion and your baby won’t use you as a pacifier.

  • Burp cloths are good to pack too because It helps catch all their spit bubbles, as well as catch their spit up too.  I personally love the Cloud Island burp clothes just because they are good quality, so I linked them below for ya.

  • You can also bring some wipes and diapers if you want to as well.  I know the hospitals provide diapers and wipes, but if you prefer a certain brand, then definitely bring some.  My hospital provided Pampers when we were still in the labor and delivery side, but when I went to the recovery side they provided Huggies.  I did not like the wipes they had, so I was happy that I had those in there to use.  If you aren’t sure what diapers to use, I’d recommend checking out Pampers Pure, Huggies Little Snugglers, Honest Diapers, and even Hello Bello.  For the wipes, I would highly recommend Water Wipes because they are amazing and super gentle.
  • Bring blankets too for the ride home too!  We used the hospital blanket when we left because it was like 100 degrees out in Dallas that day, but if you are giving birth in the winter def bring some thicker ones to keep a little bit warm.
  • If you are looking for a diaper bag to use, then I cannot recommend this bag enough.  It is a backpack so It is easy to carry and It also has loops so It can get hooked onto a stroller.  It has insulated side pockets for baby bottles, It comes with a changing pad and it’s own pocket, as well as other pockets that you can use for diaper cream and so much more.  I truly love this bag and glad It allows me to pack my entire life in it.


Diaper Bag for Everyday Use!

Okay, this list will be a bit simpler because it has been modified and perfected from all of the unexpected blowouts and lost pacifier incidents I have gone through these past five months.  Some may call it excessive, but when you’re away from the house and little bit blows out of their third diaper and used all the backup outfits, you will be happy you were this extra lol

  • The most important part of this diaper bag to me would be to bring a ton of diapers and a full pack of wipes!  Greysyn has no issue going to the restroom and when I say that little boy goes through diapers like crazy, I mean it.  I typically leave the house with at least 8-10 diapers just to make sure I am covered, but sometimes I am worried that will not be enough lol.  I also make sure I have an almost full or full pack of wipes because I use those for everything pretty much.
  • Along with the diapers and wipes, I always keep my changing pad and baby Aquaphor in there too just to help keep him away from germs and to make sure his diaper rash is under control if he has one.
  • My next recommendation would have to be to bring about 3-4 extra outfits because you never know when you will need them.  The amount of blowouts, throwup, and drool that can occur within a matter of minutes is unbelievable, so def keep extra outfits to stay prepared!
  • Another important part of the diaper bag would have to be burp cloths and bibs!  Babies drool and spit up like crazy, so having the burp cloths and bibs accessible will make your life much simpler!  I typically keep around 2-3 of both in the bag for safety purposes lol
  • Blankets!!  I always keep a lightweight cover just in case I need to BF him and I always keep a thicker blanket for the car seat to keep him warm.
  • The last few things I make sure I have in the bag would have to be his pacifier, some toys to entertain him, and some hand sanitizer because it can make for a long day out without these!  I used to keep two pacis when he was super little in the bag just in case I lost one and it came in handy multiple times.

That is everything I pack for Grey’s diaper bag to make sure our day out will be as smooth as possible.  I hope that this was beneficial to all of the expecting parents out there and congratulations to you as well!  Being a mama is the best feeling in the entire world and I know y’all will be some amazing parents out there.  That is all I have for this blog post, so I hope you all enjoyed it!  Thanks for hanging with me through my absence, y’all are the best.  Make sure you head over and subscribe so you don’t miss the next post!

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