HomeGirl Created What?

I know you’ve heard the saying “Do what you love & learn how to make money from it”a least once in your life without a doubt. You might not have understood exactly what it meant, but you did know that you would love to get paid for doing what you love to do right? Well, I personally decided that creating new ideas and having those visions come to life is something I loved to do, which is when I started this #SmallBusiness. I called it #HomegirlCreations when I first started, but I ended up changing and sticking to #SimplyMadisynnDesigns. I started glittering glasses & vinyling words on them, I started creating shirts and koozies, and I even make pillows and wood signs! Who would’ve thought little ol’ me could actually do something this fun and get paid for it? I had no clue, but I’m glad it happen cause it is something I still enjoy to this day!

I started Simply Madisynn Designs when my mom blessed me with my Cricut Explore Air 2. This thing blew my mind when I first got it because you can do so much stuff that I had no clue about. You can print cardstock, faux leather, vinyl, felt, and honestly much more. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to create, but let me tell you that I do not tell myself I can’t do something until I at least try to do it. I didn’t think I would be capable of making that wood sign I made, but I tried and succeeded. You’re probably wondering why I am rambling about this and it is because I took a leap of faith on something I had no clue about and it is still paying till this day. The crazy thing about it all? Well, the crazy thing is that I absolutely enjoy the small business I created which means I did exactly what that saying at the top said to do.

Simply Madisynn Designs might not be big yet, but we are JUST getting started! I have a huge feeling that soon my man and I will be designing and creating custom wood tables and other furniture to add to the business too!


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