Easter Basket Ideas for the Babies!

Easter Basket Ideas for the Babies!

Hey, y’all!  With everything going on in our world today, I completely almost dropped the ball on Easter, which is why I wanted to create these Easter basket ideas for the babies.  I actually panicked Saturday night around midnight because I hadn’t gotten Greysyn anything for Easter and even though an Easter basket isn’t what Easter is about, I still felt like I needed to get him his very first Easter basket.  I ended up scrolling through the Target app to see what was in stock at my location so I could do the drive up and have it all ready for Easter, but then I realized I was a week early and panicked for nothing lol.  I figured I couldn’t be the only one who might have dropped the ball on basket ideas for the little ones, so I thought I’d put together an Easter basket gift guide to help y’all out!

Most of it is from Target because the majority of it was on sale and who doesn’t like a sale?!  I decided to put items that Greysyn needs and can use in the basket, so I went ahead and put a collage together to make it easier for y’all.  I added a ton of sleepers on here because I know Grey is always in his and grows out of them like crazy, so just wanted to share all the options!  I will probably keep checking within the next couple of days to see what Target and Amazon has and then come back and update it here for y’all.  I know this will be the first Easter for a lot of our little ones, so I hope y’all enjoy and make memories that last a lifetime.  Thanks so much for checking out my first little gift guide of the season, I hope y’all enjoy!! Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a post.  See y’all later!!


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