Eyelash Extension FAQ with B’s Bombshells!

Hey loves and happy Monday!! I’m so excited for this blog because it is one that I think a lot of you ladies will love. My go to Lash Lady Bailey Bacon is a Mircoblading Specialist, Stylist, Make – Up Artist, and a Licensed Lash Technician at KDL Beauty Services in Rockwall, TX, so I wanted to do a blog over all things Lash Extensions! Bailey has been doing my lash extensions for a few months now and I seriously could not be more pleased with her work! She takes her time, she ensures that the lashes are comfortable on your eyes, and she provides you with the cutest lash case with extra lash brushes to make sure you always keep your lashes looking amazing! I sent her in the questions that I got from y’all on my instagram and added some of the questions I had when I first got lashes, so I hope y’all enjoy!

Eyelash Extension Frequently Asked Questions with Bailey Bacon

Do the lash extensions hurt?

B: No, if they are applied right they are just an extension of your natural lashes and you don’t even know they are there.

Do the lash extensions make your eyes water?

B: They normally do not make your eyes water what so ever!

What kind of glue do you use for your lashes?

B: I change my glue with the seasons, to ensure the best retention. But I only use the best for my clients

How long are the lash extensions that you apply?

B: I have lengths from 8mm-16mm, so really short to really long lol

What kind of lashes do you provide?

I have al different types of lashes to accommodate everyone. I offer classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. Most of the time I use synthetic or faux mink.

How long do the sets last?

Normally you should come back every 1-3 weeks to keep up with your own personal lash growth.

Can you feel the eyelash extensions?

No, I make each set custom to your natural lashes so that I can ensure natural lash health and so they do not droop down.

Are the eyelash extensions heavy?

No, I make each set custom to your natural lashes so that I can ensure natural lash health and so they do not droop down.

Can you still do the normal day to day routine?

Yes, the only difference is making sure your brushing and cleaning your new beautiful full lashes and making sure you’re using oil free products on your face/around your eyes.

How much are each set and the fills?

I charge:

Classic Full Set-$150

Hybrid Full Set- $170

Volume Full Set-$185

The fills vary by the type of lashes you get and how long you’re going in between fills. For inquiries message me! ?

How do you care for them/clean them?

Using a oil free cleanser and a fluffy makeup brush! It’s so easy, just lathering the cleanser and brushing through them!

Can I get the eyelash extensions wet?

Yes! You just can’t get them wet for the first 6 hours, but after that you can.

If I’m growing lashes back, is it safe to get extensions in the meantime or will that effect the growth?

Yes, it is totally safe to get extensions while growing your natural lashes! It’s actually great for them if their applied correctly, because it’s protecting them and stimulating them for growth!

If you have any other questions about any eyelash extensions, mircoblading or makeup questions, then make sure to follow Bailey at bs_bombshells on instagram and like the B’s Bombshells page on Facebook! You can reach her 469.684.1299 or message her through the B’s Bombshells facebook and instagram page. She is seriously amazing at what she does and I am so glad I switched and made her my new and official lash lady because my lashes and eyes in general thank her for it! Check her out and let her know that I sent you!♥︎?


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