Greysyn’s Birth Story – 7 Months Late!

Hey, y’all! I know it’s been a few weeks since I have shared a blog and it has been a hot minute since I had Greysyn, but I thought I’d finally post his Birth Story as it has been sitting in my drafts for about five months now lol.  If you follow me on social media, then you will know that Baby Greysyn “just got to earth” as my nephew says on July 26th! It was the best day ever and the most exhausting day ever too and I plan to tell y’all all about it, so here we go.

As most of y’all know, Fred and I found out we were expecting on November 30, 2018. We were shocked but obviously started to prepare for our little man to make his grand entrance in July. My pregnancy was not too bad, but It was not smooth sailing. For the first trimester, I had morning sickness like no other, second trimester I gained too much weight per my doctor, and by the third trimester, I was battling with high blood pressure. It got to the point that every time they did my check-up, I started with high bp, so they would make me lay down for five minutes to make sure It went down. This happened at each appointment, which had my doctor worried, so instead of weekly appointments, I was going like every 2-3 days. It got a bit time consuming and nerve-racking, but they did let me know that once I had high bp and they could not get it down, they would send me to the hospital and I would be induced because It was getting dangerous for baby and I.  We started our biophysical sonograms at 39 weeks and everything was all fine and dandy. Week 40 came, our last biophysical happened and they could not get Baby Greysyn to move. I was not worried because he was moving all worried, but since I had been playing with high bp for the last trimester and then with him not moving, I failed my biophysical and that was enough for my doctor to plan my induction. My doctor planned my induction for July 25, just a day after my due date at 6 a.m. and that is when it all started.

July 25th came, I woke up around 5 am and saw I had missed a call from the hospital, so I called them back.  When I got on the phone with them, they informed me that L & D was full, so they would call me back when they were ready for me to come up.  I was already nervous and barely slept that night, so I already knew I was not going back to sleep.  I told Fred and every hour he kept asking had they called me back because he was ready to meet Greysyn.  They told me to eat a light breakfast just in case they had to rush me for an emergency C-section, but I was starving, so we headed to the mobile to grab me a breakfast burrito.  (Sorry Mama) We were literally about to pull up to the gas station to grab burritos around 10 am when they called to tell us we could head up, so we grabbed the burritos and headed to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital we were so dang excited, but I can’t even lie, I was scared!  They signed us in, got us to our room, and that was when It all started.  Since I was being induced they started me on cyotec to get things moving.  Now, when some people are 40 weeks they are often dilated and their cervix would be thinned, but not me.  I was literally a fingertip dilated, no thinning of the cervix, and the baby was so high, so you can just imagine that this would be a long process.  They probably gave me around 3-4 rounds of cyotec before everything started to speed up.  I wanted to try to give birth without an epidural, so I was bouncing on the ball, rocking in the rocking chair, and walking trying to relieve my contractions. (The lactation consultant came in when I was bouncing on the ball and seriously made me feel less nervous when it came to breastfeeding, so that was a huge relief!!  If you plan to breastfeed I’d highly recommend reaching out to the consultants cause its a huge help!)

Trying to stay distracted through labor!

Bouncing on the ball and talking to the sweetest lactation consultant to get all the breastfeeding tips!

By hour 6, I was dying and I said to hell with that natural birth and asked for an epidural.  When I tell you those contractions HURT, I meant It.  I was crying cause I was in pain, I was starving, and little Greysyn was barely making progress, so I was beyond over It by this point. I was watching Netflix trying to keep my mind off of everything, but that didn’t work lol.

Around midnight, I got really tired and I started to feel like out of It.  My epidural was in so I couldn’t feel ANYTHING, I was literally so comfortable finally, but something was wrong.  The nurses rushed in, I felt like I was going in and out, and they tell me they have to reduce the amount of epidural cause not only was my heart rate slowing down and getting super low, so was Greysyn’s.  From that point until around 4:30ish am, I was getting flipped from side to side to try and get my heart rate at a good level and to make sure Greysyn’s stayed afloat because he was starting to not breathe.  They called my doctor in and I remember him asking me how I was feeling and how I felt about a C-section because my labor was getting too long, the baby and I were not doing too good, and It was just getting dangerous.  I told him I truly did not want to have a C-section, but if that is what I needed to do, then, of course, I would do It.  He checked me and I had dilated from like a 6-9 in a few hours, so we were almost there.

My whole left side of my body felt every single contraction since they slowed It down and I was laying on my right side and let me tell you I thought I was going to lose my mind lol.  That pain is UNREAL and I was so uncomfortable, but somehow I was finally able to doze off.  As soon as I dozed off they came in and had me start practicing pushing because we were almost there.  When I tell you that everything moved hella quick from his moment on, I meant It.  I pushed for probably about 10-15 minutes if that before Greysyn arrived and I heard his adorable little cry.  Labor and delivery was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I would do It all over again because my little man is absolutely perfect.  He was born at 5:29 am at 6 pounds 14 ounces and a whole 20 inches long!

Greys first ride in the car!

It’s crazy to see how small he is in this car seat because now he is too big for it!

Baby Bean, aka Greysyn, turned 7 months on the 26th and I can’t even believe it.  These past seven months have been the best seven months of my entire life and I am so blessed that I get to be little Greysyn’s mama!  He LOVES to eat food and going on seven months of being entirely breastfed, he is almost crawling, he can sit up all by himself, and he LOVES to talk, scream, and smile all day long.  He is a total mama’s boy and I am soaking it all in cause when I say time flies, I truly mean it.  For all of you soon to be mama’s make sure you soak up all those late nights and SUPER early mornings because I can promise you will miss those moments when all they wanted to do was to be held and cuddled!  I am missing it like crazy because Greysyn loves to play, but I love watching him do his thing!

I might not have been able to share my Mammaw with you, but I am so thankful you are here to be able to see how amazing our Pappaw is!

Anywho, sorry it took practically seven months to get this blog out lol, but I’ve been soaking up my time with Mr. Grey while I can!  For all the mama’s to be, I added what’s in my diaper bag blog post that could come in handy for you soon, so click here to check it out.  Also, click here to follow my like to know it where I add all the baby must-haves and more.  I am so thankful y’all took the time out to read and I hope y’all are ready for more posts because I have a whole calendar of content to share with y’all!  Thanks for being here and make sure you subscribe so you never miss a beat!  Talk to y’all later!!


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