Little Taste of Italy in Texas!

Do y’all remember back in the day when you thought Olive Garden was the best of the best when it came to Italian food and that there is nothing that could even compare? Well, that is exactly what I used to think and no one could tell me otherwise. For my birthdays I loved either having my dinner at Olive Garden or Mi Cocina, but my Mammaw loved O Garden, so that is usually where we ate!

About five to six years ago my mom’s friend told her about a restaurant called Cosa Nostra (now Deno’s) and she said it was known for being super fresh and delicious. So of course we tried to go eat there, but the first time we went they had a line OUT THE DOOR! So we ended up going the day after and I was HOOKED from that moment on! When you get there they have traditional Italian dishes, so it takes you a minute to decide on which peace of heaven you want to taste that day. Once you order, they bring out some

DELICIOUS garlic knots filled with garlic, oil, and just pure yumminess! They are also unlimited, so if you’re like me you will end up eating two to three baskets before your meal even arrives. If you want a comparison to Olive Garden garlic sticks, then lets just say Deno’s garlic knots are TEN TIMES BETTER!! I am not even exaggerating when I say everything about this place is nothing but delicious!

Usually for my main course I get some type of mac and cheese. I know you are probably thinking why in the hell would you eat Mac and cheese at an Italian restaurant and my answer to that is because they are nothing alike! This mac and cheese is made with penne pasta with a crap ton of cheese and some type of delicious creamy sauce.

It usually comes with bacon and salami in it, but I am beyond picky so I cut the bacon and salami and add in spicy chicken and red bell peppers! From the looks of it there does not seem to be that much pasta, but there is soooo much! Each time that I leave Deno’s I leave with enough leftovers to last me for two whole days! So you most definitely get the flavor you were craving & you definitely got some bang for your buck!

Deno’s is located at 8120 Lakeview Pkwy #100, Rowlett, TX 75088. If you LOVE Italian, then do yourself a favor and come check this yumminess out!


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