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When I was a kid I literally dreamed of traveling all over the World. My Mammaw and Pappaw would travel all over the US and would bring me back little souvenirs and it made me want to see what was out there myself. I used to travel to Oklahoma and Pennsylvania a lot when I was younger due to my family living there, but I still wanted to see more.

Thankfully, when I was younger I had an extremely generous friend that took me with her to the BAHAMAS!!! Yes, the Bahamas! I might have been young, but I still remember that trip clear as day! We swam with Dolphins, touched sting rays (they didn’t have a stinger), & got to explore some gorgeous water. When I say that trip is probably what got my little mind wanting to be a world traveler, I mean it.

As I got older, I was able to go on more trips with my friends. I didn’t go on many trips with the family because honestly we could not afford it. So, when I was granted with an opportunity to travel to new places, my mom did more than I could ever even thank her for just so I could get that experience. Because of her I was able to go to Disney World and Universal Studios too & boy was it magical! Ignore how atrocious I look as I was going through my ugly stage, but I had SOOO much fun! My friend Sereniti was able to go too, so having a friend there at Disney with me to experience everything made it all worth while!

I hope y’all enjoyed the story on how I got my travel bug because there will be A LOT more stories of myself, my man, my best friends, and even my family travel around!

Talk to ya soon,



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