Loft – The 50% Off Sale!!

Loft's 50% off sale!

Hey y’all!!  I’m back with a new post over all the sales that Loft has to offer.  I LOVE Loft’s clothes, especially when they are 50% off and on sale!  I went through their site and found SO MANY cute sweaters, cardigans, and even skirts, so I wanted to make it super easy for y’all to take full advantage of this sale.  I added captions to almost everything because some items have multiple different colors, some have different discount codes, and some of the same items are on sale for different prices, so I made sure to capture it in the caption so it makes this entire process much easier.

If you are not already apart of Loft’s reward program, then I would HIGHLY recommend joining their reward program because not only can you get bigger discounts for certain items and you can earn points on each dollar you spend!  If you are interested in joining their program, you can go ahead and click right here and it will take you straight there!  When you open it up, it will give you all of the benefits that you can earn from their program, so go ahead and check it out!

Now, on to the fun stuff, the sales!!!  I know that Loft can be a bit pricey if you’re on a budget like me, but just know that these clothes literally last so long and they are worth every single buck that you spend.  I typically only shop Loft during their sales because they typically have a lot, but it is not everyday that they will have a 50% off sale!  In order to take full advantage of this sale, you will want to use the code LOVEIT and that will take 50% off all full priced items.  Some of these items are already marked down, so the code will not apply to that, but everything on this post is on sale!  Here we go!

That is all that I have so far, but I will make sure to come back and add new finds as I see them!!  Thank you so much for checking out this Loft sale with me, you are more than appreciated!!


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