Milk, Cream, and Everything in Between.

I’m so excited for this review! About a month ago, my bestie Kierra and I were taking pictures around Dallas and it was beyond hot. We ate lunch and stayed hydrated, but it was HOTTTTT. So, we stopped at this place called Milk・Cream and it was DELICIOUS!! This place is in Dallas off of Ross Ave. and it is right next to the Toasted Coffee Shop.

When you walk in it is set up kind of like the Chill 360 set up. You can get a donut, ice cream on your donut, ice cream in a cup, or ice cream in a cone!

The prices I thought were pretty good, but if you’re comparing them to Braums then obviously it’s a bit higher. They have different toppings that you can get mixed in either your cup or cone, or your Milk & Cream Bun. What’s a Milk & Cream Bun you ask? Here it is.

Kierra got the Milk & Cream bun with the Cookie Monster flavored ice cream. She described this different version of ice cream was definitely filling, yummy, and delicious! She said it was a fun food to eat, but she definitely wouldn’t consider it diet friendly lol.

Now, if you know me, then you know that I LOVEEEE caramel. When we walked in my eyes were instantly glued to the sign that said Sea Salt Caramel and I knew that is exactly what I was about to indulge in. I got two scoops of the Sea Salt Caramel in a cup and it was sooo good. It wasn’t too salty like some Sea Salt Caramel is and it definitely wasn’t too sweet either. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of the Paciugo Gelato which I am obsessed with.

With that being said, they have a ton of other different flavors that I cannot wait to go back and try. If you are out and about in Dallas and need something to cool you down, then go to Milk・Cream and treat yourself because you will NOT regret it. The atmosphere was super chill and the ice cream was even chiller, so make sure you go by and check it out! Hope y’all enjoy and stay tuned for all the food reviews I have headed your way!!


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