My Amazon Favorites!

Hey y’all! So I thought I would do something a wee bit different and I thought that I would do a blog on all of my Amazon Musts!! I went all the way back to my very first Amazon purchase and I am pretty dang excited to show y’all all the goodies Amazon has!

So when I first moved into my apartment I had stocked up on goodies from the dollar store, Walmart, stein mart. Fred and I also made our own coffee table from scratch too, but I couldn’t get him to make me a TV stand, so I went to Amazon just to look. Let’s just say that when I went and looked, I actually fell in love. I got this WE Furniture TV Stand and it matches so well with mydécor! It comes in seven different colors, but I got mine in the Charcoal color and I’m obsessed! It is $140 and the quality is pretty amazing. The storage compartments can store a lot and will fit your cable box and other TV essentials perfectly!

The next household Item I bought from Amazon is my Nutribullet lol. I got this blender because I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to blend something in a different blender and literally nothing gets blended. So I invested $120 in this bad boy and I and I

LOVEEE It! I love making my fruit smoothies in this because when I am done I can literally enjoy straight off the blender because the cups come with handles and lids! This blender is seriously a lifesaver and can even blend up Oreos pretty dang well. So if you’re in the market for a new blender, this is what ya need!

My next favorite purchase from Amazon has to be my Hunter rain boots. I got these rain boots right before I went to college because I knew there would be days it would be pouring down and they definitely came in handy! I wear them all the time and they even did well in the snow when I was in Colorado! Of course, you can get these from the mall or directly from the hunter retailer and pay $150, or you can get them for $118.45 with free shipping on Amazon! You will definitely get that bang for your buck, so definitely try them out if you’re looking for some rainboots.

The next thing that I am OBSESSED with is my essential oil diffuser! It has three different time settings and you can change the light to different colors as well. It can hold 300 ml and comes in five different colors. This diffuser is only $24 and totally worth the price! I bought it in May of last year and pretty much use it daily, so def check it out!

Now, if you’re picky about the type of water that you drink, then you will LOVEEE this water bottle. It is a Brita water bottle and it filters the water in the bottle for you, so you can get filtered water literally anywhere that you go. It was $15 + free shipping and it holds up to 34 ounces at a time. If you are like me and have a hard time drinking a lot of water throughout the day, then def check this out cause it gives you a different and simple way to get your water intake in. I cannot tell you how much my water intake has increased since I got this bottle, so I definitely think this is worth the money.

That is all for my Amazon favorites and I really hope y’all enjoy! I have a lot of other favorites and hauls coming up for y’all, so make sure y’all are a member of my blog so y’all can get notified on when they are up! Happy Memorial day y’all!


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