My Favorite Jeans from American Eagle

Hey, y’all!  I’m back with a blog post over clothes for the first time in what feels like forever.  I finally fit my jeans again after Grey and I bought some new ones, so I thought it’d be an awesome time to share everything you need to know about these bad boys!  I have 5 pair of jeans from American Eagle, but three of them are the same style so I’ll just be sharing my top three favorite jeans.  Everything will be linked throughout and towards the end as well, so let me know if there is anything I can do to help ya!

This first pair is my FAVORITE pair of jeans because they’re so flippen cute and make me feel like a million bucks!  They’re not too tight, not too loose, and they even have the cutest holes in them!  There’s not too much stretch to them, so if you’re in between sizes I’d go ahead and get the larger size. I have this pair in a size 6 and prebaby they fit perfectly, but now I could definitely use a size 8 to fit more comfortably. They’re known as the Tomgirl jeans and they have a few different pairs to choose from.  They don’t carry the exact kind that I have, but I linked the ones that are identical to mine for you.   I’ll share a picture of what they looked like before I messed one of the holes up, but best believe I still rock these babies!  The second picture is what they look like on me now!

Take me back to Colorado!!

This second pair is one of my all-time favorites, so much that I have three different pairs haha!  I love this pair of “jeggings” because of how stretchy these bad boys are and how comfortable you will be in them regardless if you just ate a 4-course meal or not.  They’re high wasted which I love because they really hug your curves and make you look bomb!  It also hides my mom pudge so that makes it ten times better lol.  There are a few different washes that you can choose from too on this pair, so you definitely have a variety of colors to choose from.  I have all pairs in a size 6, but could honestly size down one since they’re so stretchy.  These are on sale currently for $30 so def check them out!

The last pair that I adore would have to be these Tomgirl jeans in a darker wash!  This pair is similar to the first pair hence the name, but they’re a bit different since they have no holes in them.  I like to wear these when I’m feeling super cozy because they just fit perfectly.  It feels like you can run in these bad boys they’re that cozy!  I feel like these naturally fit looser, they’re not high-waisted, but they still show off your curves which makes you feel good.  I typically roll mine at the bottom once but you can def rock them without the roll.  I have these in a size six and I’d say they’re true to size!

All in all, if you haven’t tried jeans from American Eagle, then you definitely need to because they will not disappoint.  They don’t have the exact pants that I have color-wise, but I’m sharing the ones most similar to what I’ve shown here. I’ve had most of these jeans for almost five years now and they’re in amazing condition, so it’s definitely worth the coins!  They typically always have a buy one get one 40% off too, so that’s even better.  I hope this was super helpful for y’all and I can’t wait to do more for y’all here soon!  All the tees in this blog can be found over at as well!  Next up will be the Fabletics and jean shorts review, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss them.

Thanks, y’all and make sure you’re following me in the Like to Know it App so you can shop all of mine and Grey’s looks first.  Talk to you next time!


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