My Top Cardigan & Sweater Picks for Fall!

Fall is here and I couldn’t be more excited! Fall time brings cooler weather and that means beings able to wear more layers and looking cuter than ever. You know the saying, “if you look good, then you feel good,” so I thought that I’d share some of the tops cardigans and sweaters that I found from multiple different places!

I started with Amazon because I have bought three sweaters so far from them and I absolutely love them! They are so comfortable, so cute, and the best part is that they are more than affordable. Some of the clothing is considered to be an amazon Prime finds and then some others are not, but they are still good to buy. I actually love that Amazon has good clothes because it makes online shopping much easier! Not only does it make it easier having them delivered to your door, but knowing that majority of these pieces of clothing are under $30 and you get free shipping makes spoiling yourself a bit easier! Check them out.

The next place that I was loving is from American Eagle! I have seriously been loving everything about AE lately, so I wanted to share all of amazing sweaters that I found on there. American Eagles entire site is on sale from 30 – 60% off making a lot of them under $35, so I would definitely consider that a steal. Plus, their clothes are made with amazing material making them long lasting, so you will definitely be getting some bang for your buck. A lot of these sweaters have more than the navy and maroon color too. They actual have good range of fall colors to choose from, but I’m a literal sucker for all things maroon or navy, so that is why my American Eagle sweater section is overloaded with navy and maroon lol.

After the American Eagle finds I googled my way on over to my fav store aka Cotton On. Cotton On is my favorite store because they have some really cute clothes, their clothing material is literally amazing, and their prices are impecable! Not to mention I feel like they ALWAYS have a sale going on, which makes your bank account a little more proud of ya. Anywho, I picked my top cardigans and sweaters from the store and everything is on sale currently, so that means all of your new staple items for the fall are either under $32 making your future shopping spree all worth it.

Now, I was trying my best to get sweaters and cardigans from affordable places, but this one is a bit on the pricier side. I can vouch that the material that Loft makes their clothes with is literally one of a kind because all of my clothes have lasted forever and I am still wearing some of them today, which makes the price worth it in my opinion. These cardigans are seriously so comfortable and makes looking cute so much easier. Definitely check them out for Fall!

This next batch of sweaters and cardigans are from a boutique called Pink Lily Boutique. I found this boutique from Instagram and placed my first order a few weeks ago and fell in love! The material was amazing, they were so dang cute, and just make you feel confident when you wear them. They are a bit pricier than the first three places, but they are cheaper than the Loft ones. You definitely will be getting some bang for your buck simply because the clothes are everything! Seriously, you have to try for yourself. You can also get 15% off the whole order with code Andrea15, so treat yoself!

Anywho, that is all that I have for this sweater and cardigan round up, so I hope y’all enjoyed! I had so much fun sharing my top picks and I can’t wait to do it again! Maybe this next time it will be about shoes or jeans lol! Have a good day y’all!


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