My Updated Skincare Routine!

Hey y’all!  It’s 2021 and I wanted to start the blog off right with some self-care tips to make you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.  With the stress of COVID, masks causing maskne, and just the stress of life in general my skin was a MESS!  I turned to Twitter and Youtube and realized I’m obviously not the only one, so I did a skincare overhaul!  Shoutout to LAbeautyologist because she changed the game for me.  She is an esthetician that knows her stuff, she created the 60-second rule, and she shares all the free knowledge on all things skincare.  I started to incorporate the information she was providing into my routine and my skin was finally on the mend.  I’m spilling all the tea on how I did it, so here we go!

My Nightly Skincare Routine- Step by Step!

Please ignore my poor photoshop job lol I threw the bottle out before I snapped the pic!

  1. The first step in my skincare routine is to wash my face with cool water for at least 60 seconds.  I have gone through some cleansers in my day and the two I would HIGHLY recommend would have to be CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser and SA Renewing Cleanser without a doubt.  The foaming cleanser is for more of everyday use as it does an amazing job of cleaning all the dirt off of your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling extremely dry either.  The SA renewing cleanser was AMAZING for me postpartum because it really handled my skin and got it under control like I never thought.  I was experiencing constant breakouts and they were so painful and this really helped it a ton. These two are both affordable if you’re on a budget like me and they last you a hot minute.
  2. Right after I cleanse my face, I always go in with my toner and just get rid of all the excess dirt.  If you’re looking for a budget-friendly toner, then I highly suggest the Heritage Store Rosewater Toner.  It’s super lightweight, only $12, and has hyaluronic acid in it, so it’s not drying like some of the other toners out there.  If you have a little extra room in your budget,  then I highly suggest the Ole Henriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner.  It’s $30 so it’s a bit pricier, but worth every penny because it really cleans all the dirt up and won’t dry you out.  I typically apply the toners with a cotton ball or my hands (they’re clean, obviously lol) and then while my face is still wet, I move on to the next step in my routine.
  3. The third step in the routine is to apply my Hyaluronic Acid, which I will forever be obsessed with.  This product is a Godsend and will leave your face feeling so smooth and hydrated!  Per LAbeautyologist tip and other research, hyaluronic acid needs to be applied to skin that is slightly wet, so make sure it is a little damp when it is applied or it can end up drying your face out instead which is why I apply it when my face is still partially wet.
  4. The last step in my routine is to apply my moisturizer.  I don’t like heavy moisturizers nor do I like heavily fragranced moisturizers, so I typically use the CeraVe PM Moisturizer or the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel!  Both of these moisturizers are extremely hydrating, lightweight, and not filled with fragrance so it’s not irritating to the skin. They’re both under $20 and they will last you a hot minute, so you’re getting more bang for your buck.

I know you should also use sunscreen and vitamin C serum, but I haven’t found the right ones for me just yet.  I plan on trying the Vitamin C serum from an amazing skincare company called Skinny Skincare because I have used a few of their other products and absolutely LOVE them!  I’m still nursing as well so I haven’t been able to add the retinol into my routine, but when I do I’ll let y’all know how I like it.

Anywho, that’s all I have for this blog, so I hope y’all enjoyed it!  If you have any requests on blog posts or things you want to see, feel free to send me a DM or leave a comment for me!  Happy New Year, y’all and thank you for still being here! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a beat.


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