Nachos for Days!

So yesterday I ate some delicious chips and salsa as a snack, so I felt it was only right that I made some nachos for dinner to finish off the chips and salsa I had earlier lol.

Here is everything that you will need:

Two Cans of Rotel (hot and original)

1 LB ground beef (15% fat)

Velvetta Cheese




From there I chopped up my peppers and went to sauté them with the onions in a medium sized pan. I let them cook down for about 3-5 minutes and I decided to add the lid to help them steam out better. As the onions and peppers were doing their thang, I rinsed off my ground beef and lightly seasoned it with some lawry’s, garlic salt, and some pepper. Once the onions and peppers cooked a little bit, I added in

my ground beef and started to let the onion/pepper mixture cook into the ground beef as I usually do. I don’t want the ground beef to cook too fast, so I usually leave my stove in between the notches 4-5 on my stove, or medium. While the meat is cooking, I like to cut up about half of the Velvetta into little squares to help them melt down smoother.

Once the ground beef is through cooking, then I drain the grease out into my grease bowl and then return the meat to the medium pan. From there I like to take one of the Rotel cans and pour it into the meat. Then I usually add the meat and Rotel back on the stove, then add about half of my Velvetta, and then turn the stove onto low-medium. You can definitely add more or less cheese, but I usually do in between half of the cheese or a little more than half of the cheese and it is PERFECTTT!!

Once you melt all the cheese with the meat, then let it warm up and then enjoy! Here is a picture to show you how delicious these nachos taste! It is also super cheap and fast, so I seriously hope y’all love it as much as we do.


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