Oh, Baby!!

OMG y’all! As you get older you start seeing the people you went to high school with get married, start their families, adopt puppies, etc.. but something about your personal friends going through something this exciting in life makes you nonetheless even more pumped! Fred and I have two friends that we are super close with and they are starting their family and to say I’m so excited for them is an understatement. She knew that I can design stuff and make shirts or literally anything with it, so she trusted me to make the onesies for her baby and it got me so excited! They are welcoming their miracle baby girl in August and we could not be more excited for them! Here are some of the onesies Miss P. will be wearing once she enters this world(:

“For this little girl we have prayed” This families journey was not always the easiest, but keeping their spirits high, prayers lifted, and through the grace of God, they were blessed with their little Angel! Although you may wonder why the Lord has not granted you the gift of motherhood, just know it is because he has a plan for you and knows exactly when you need that little blessing the most.

This one is one of my favorites! When a newborn is born, they have noooo immune system which makes them prone to catching infections and sicknesses easier than the rest of us. So, to avoid any potential issues, we went ahead and made Miss P this shirt and the little hat to go with it (click the arrow to see the cute hat). She said this will be her outfit for when the visitors arrive that way no one can say they did not know lol.

Of course most little girls are infatuated with their dad’s, so it was only right to make a onesie dedicated to the love she has for her daddy. One thing that is for sure is that Miss P will be surrounded with nothing but love from both mommy and daddy!

Then Fred and I personally made her some custom onesies to match Miss P. and the rest of the family perfectly! I made the I got it from my mama and I got Dean genes cause they go perfectly with her momma and then I made the last one to incorporate their pups in too! I had sooo much fun making all of these onesies and I cannot wait to see Miss P. in each of them. Thank you to Miss P’s parents for supporting my #SmallBusiness, its truly appreciated! Hope y’all enjoy!


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