Pizzeria Heaven!!

Pizza!! Literally something I could probably eat every day if the carbs didn’t stick to me, but unfortunately doesn’t work that way lol. Anywho, Kierra and I tried a new pizza place a couple of weeks ago and it tasted so dang good! It’s called Grimaldi’s Pizza Coal Brick – Oven Pizzeria and its off of Mckinney Avenue here in West Village! The atmosphere is seriously so chill, the place is so cute, and it just has an amazing vibe all the way around which is much appreciated on my end.

They had appetizers such as salad, caprese, antipasto, and a brushetta trio, but we were kind of hoping for some cheesy garlic bread or mozzarella sticks so that was a bit disappointing lol. For main courses you can either get pizza or calzones, but Kierra and I went for the 18″ pizza and split it. Everything was made fresh and we literally watched them create the dough all the way up until they put it in the oven. We split the pizza and on Kierra’s side she got sausage, jalepenos, and extra cheese and then on my side I got jalepenos, onion, bell peppers, pepperoni, and extra cheese and it looked amazing! I’m not going to lie I was a bit hesitant on getting every side I got because each side is in between either $2 -$5, but it all worked out in the end.

The pizza literally looked like heaven when it came out, like I was literally drooling lmao! As you can see from the picture, the pizza was literally cooked to PERFECTION! From the amount of marinara, to the toppings, to the crust, literally it was ALL amazing! The extra cheese added the perfect amount of cheesiness and the crust might have to be my favorite crust of all time. Seriously though! I wasn’t expecting this place to be as delicious as I was, but I was more than mind blown because it was DELICIOUS!! If you’re out in Dallas or in West Village, then stop by and check it out because they even have some delicious looking cheesecake that you can end your meal with!

I hope y’all enjoyed this food review and if you need a place to eat some pizza, then you definitely need to check out Grimaldi’s! The address is 3636 McKinney Ave #190, Dallas, TX 75201, so enjoy y’all!


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