Relaxation is the Motivation

Have you thought to yourself lately that you need to just sit back and take some time for yourself? Well, it’s probably because it is more than true. Often times I find myself literally running all day every day and then I wonder why I am so run down. Well, I have finally learned that it is absolutely okay to put yourself and your needs first and that is exactly what I have done.

Step number one to enjoying your relaxation time is to first get relaxing. You can’t be relaxed if your thirsty and hungry, so grab your fav drink and a snack if needed before you go anywhere. Personally, my drink of choice for relaxation is either a Corona or Modelo, or just a fat mimosa with either Cupcake or La Marca Prosecco!

Step number two is to actually enjoy your relaxation time, so if you’re taking a bath watch your fav show or listen to your favorite music to keep you relaxed as you soak! I usually use a bath bomb from Lush with my It Works Essential Oils or I just use the bubble bar with my essential oils and it seriously helps me relax more than I used to even know. Right now I am re-watching Desperate Housewives cause lets just say I didn’t understand or comprehend half of that show when I used to watch it lol.

This option is definitely up to you, but I personally like to put a mask on after I get out of the shower since my pores are already open to get my skin back on track. If I am super stressed, then I already know my face is most likely going to or already is breaking out. My favorite masks are the ones from Lush, this Kiehls mask, the Sephora brand clay masks, and Tatcha! They help my skin in so many ways such as with shrinking my pores, helping even out my skin, reducing redness, & much more. I usually sit with my mask on for about 15-30 minutes while I’m relaxing on the couch! Depending on your skin sensitivity you could probably leave the mask on for either a longer or shorter amount of time.

Once I am done rinsing the mask off after my bath tub, I usually top off my Mimosa and spend the rest of the time with my two favorite boys! Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying some mimosas while in the bath and masking your life away lol. But don’t worry, this is just one of the many ways I choose to relax. Stay tuned for more tips and routines to relax!(:


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