Sephora’s Insider Appreciation Event!

Calling all of my beauty lovers on over to your nearest laptop or phone device, because the Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation sale is around the corner and it is one you wont want to miss!! You’re probably like “don’t you have to be a beauty insider to shop?” and the answer to that is yes. No worries if you’re not one yet because you can sign up today for FREE and make sure that you get full advantage of the 10-20% off the whole site on August 30th!!

I went ahead and shared all of my Sephora favorites so y’all can make sure and get some goodies on some amazing products! Here is everything you need to know for this sale, so happy shopping y’all! All Rouge and VIB members get access starting August 24th, public access starts on August 30th, and is over September 3rd, so make sure y’all get in here and treat yourself!! Here are the codes you will need below:

Rouge Members gets 20% off with code YESROUGE

VIB Members get 15% with code YESVIB

Beauty Insiders get 10% with code YESINSIDER

Let’s Start with All Things Skin Care

Skin Care has become one of my favorite routines as I have gotten older, so I thought I would share some of the cheaper skin care items and then some higher end skin care items that I love from Sephora!!

Sephora Lip Mask – This little $3 mask is powerful enough to make my dry lips feel and look more hydrated than they have been in a long while. I wasn’t expecting it to do anything honestly because a lot of lip masks don’t, but for $3 this recovered and prepped my lips like no other!

Sephora Eye Mask – My all time favorite eye mask and it’s literally only $5. I love Sephora’s eye mask because it truly hydrates and moisturizes right in my bags and it actually brightens up my under eyes. As a college student and a working student I feel like I constantly have bags underneath my eyes, but this little $5 solution is def my go to!

The Sephora Clay Masks – OMG!!! I picked up these two masks one day because I didn’t want to spend a lot on masks and let me just tell you I was SURPRISED!! The blue clay mask is specifically for detoxifying and oxygenating the skin and that is exactly what it does. When I tell you that this mask pulled all that crap up from my pores and breakouts, I literally mean it. It was so good that still to this day when I feel a breakout about to come on, I will literally put this whole mask on my face and they will all be gone the next day.

Now the yellow mask is definitely a refreshing one! This one is specifically supposed to revitalize and tone out your skin and it definitely does that. I would recommend this mask to get you started for your week because you seriously will feel more than fresh. I also want to point out that each clay mask says they are good for 4 uses, but they are good for plenty more so stock up!!

The Sephora Instant Moisturizer and Cream – This stuff not only smells like heaven, but it honestly feels like heaven as well. I found a sample of this in my makeup bag and decided to use it and I was highkey blown away. It felt like one of those expensive moisturizers because of how hydrated it leaves your skin, but it also doesn’t leave you feeling oily either. So if you have combo skin like me and you’re not trying to spend an arm and a leg, then this will be perf for you.

These next six items are some of my all time skin care items, but they are a bit more on the pricey side. Even though they are pricey, you only need a little bit of each thing, so you will have enough product to last you months because a little goes a long way with the products!

Ole Henriksen Balance Force Oil Control Toner – This toner is the amazing! I got this after hearing Desi Perkins talk about how it helped her breakouts, so I tried it out and fell in love. It really works really well for cleaning off all that excess dirt after you wash your face and it just leaves you feel refreshed and feeling more than brand news.

Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask – My FAVORITE mask ever! Seriously, this mask is my go to and most likely will forever because it just clears out all of the junk from your skin. I will put this mask one when I feel myself getting a breakout or just want to reset my skin because it does such an amazing job pulling out all the dirt that is in my pores. Your face is always glowing, soft, and more than refreshed, so check it out while you can get it 10-20% off!

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer – Okay, so I tried this moisturizer in a sample pack and fell in love with it. It smelled so fresh and it made my face feel beyond fresh. It also made my face feel soft, but it wasn’t an oily soft so it gave you a natural glow. If you have combo skin, then you will love how it feels on you.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil – This oil is everything!! I use this every single night just to repair my skin, rehydrate my skin, and I swear by it. You can add just a couple of drops to your nightly moisturizing routine, or you could even hydrate your whole face with a little dropper. Either way, a little goes a LONG way so you will have the one bottle for awhile.

Tatcha Water Gel – If you are about to splurge on this sale, then this is the one thing you really need to buy for yourself. I got this because it said it helps even out your skin and is just supposed to be really good and not only did it hydrate my skin, but it reduced my pores, reduced the redness in my skin, and made me shine. A little goes a very long way, so the whole bottle will last forever. It lasted me about four months, so it was worth the price for sure!

Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask – I’m OBSESSED with this mask! I honestly got it because it was purple and it came with an applicator, but when I used it I realized it was a bomb investment. It literally gives your skin a glow like no other, it hydrates your skin, and I swear it is the ultimately refreshment! Your face will be more than smooth, so try it out while it is on sale!

On to my next favorite category, the Make up!!

Fenty Foundation – I’ve never been one to like matte foundations, but when Fenty came out I decided I might as well try it. I tried this foundation and fell in love. I wore it to the Texas State Fair and literally had a flawless face even through all the sweat. It’s long lasting, it smells good, it’s a matte that gives you a natural glow, and it will not budge, so check it out! It does oxidize so just make note of that.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – This was one of the first high end foundations and it is amazing! If you like dewy looks or foundations, then this is one you will probably like a lot. It is definitely dewy, long lasting, medium coverage, and a little goes a long way. This way my go to for a long while, so enjoy y’all!

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – This foundation is AMAZING!! This one is a bit more fuller coverage than the sheer glow and it is more matte as well, but it still gives your skin a good, natural glow! About four pumps can cover my entire face and it does a good job at covering my freckles, but not covering them all the way. To get the best results with this foundation, just apply it with your hands and then blend it out with a beauty blender and you’ll look as flawless as ever!! Try it out!

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation – Okay, so I have obviously shared some amazing foundations, but if I am being completely honest, then this foundation has been my all time favorite of 2018! I use about 2-3 pumps to cover my entire face and when I say you look so natural, I mean it. You look flawless and you will literally just have a natural glow on your face. I have not wanted to buy another foundaion since I got this in January of 2018, so that should tell you how much I like it! I also use it quiet a bit and I still have some left and it is already August of 2018. So if you need a foundation out of these four, get this first and then fenty!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush – Literally blush gold! I got the paaarty shade as a birthday gift from Sephora about a year ago and it’s amazing! It is long lasting, the colors are beautiful, and the actual product goes a long way, so you won’t have to keep buying a new one. I don’t really care for blush, but I do love this blush out of every blush I have ever tried so check it out!

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – I’ve heard of this setting powder for a long time, but I always thought spending almost $40 on a setting powder was crazy.. I got it from Influenster and when I say I looked flawless after I set my face with this powder, I mean it. I can totally understand why this is $38 because you will literally look airbrushed and so natural. I highly recommend grabbing one while it is on sale because it will last you forever and it will change your makeup look forever!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – My HOLY GRAIL for setting sprays!! I honestly haven’t tried another setting spray because it keeps my makeup on through this Texas heat, so it was a keeper for me just from that alone. You just need to spray your whole face, not drench it and you’re good to go. I can usually get one bottle tot last me for some months, but I also don’t always wear makeup so just keep that in mind!

Fenty Shimmer Stick – I got this when the Fenty line first dropped and I have mixed feelings for it. I really enjoy the color and the highlight when it is applied with a little beauty blender, but I don’t like applying it with the stick itself. The color payoff is amazing really good if you apply it with the beauty blender and she has an amazing color range to pick from highlight wise, so def check it out.

BECCA Highlighter – One of my favorite highlighters of all time is probably champagne pop or prosecco pop from BECCA because it EVERYTHING!! It will have you glowing literally from a mile away and you literally don’t even need a lot to get the blinding highlight. The compact is huge so you honestly get a ton of product which makes the price a bit more bareable. There are a ton of shades to choose from and they even has some mini versions of some of the shades, so treat yourself.

They’re Real Mascara – The best mascara ever! I got this mascara right after the better than sex mascara let me down and I was not disappointed. It lengthened, strengthened, and gave my lashes some color to make them more than pop! I’m seriously obsessed with it and love that it actually dries on the lashes. If you’re looking for a new mascara, try this one out! You can buy the mini if you want to try before you buy, that’s how they hooked me lol!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes – This mascara is literally my go to if I am out of my They’re real because it is amazing too. This one has a side 1 and 2 and they work wonders. One separates the lashes, while the other lengthens them. It works amazing on top of the they’re real mascara as well, so try it out!

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – If you’re looking for a pomade for your brows, def check this one too. It is super easy to work with and it makes perfecting your brows a breeze! I usually apply it with the number 12 brush that I have linked up on the pictures because the angled in literally makes the strokes on your brows everything!

Anastasia Brow Definer – This was the very first brow product that I ever purchased and it was amazing. It made learning how to do my brows and how to fill them in a breeze! Not only that, but it also set me up for learning how to use the pomade and more of what I’m supposed to do. So, if you’re looking for a brow product to work amazing and be good for beginners, then check this baby out!

Tarte’s Eyeshadow Palettes – These palettes are my all time favorite eyeshadow palettes! The shadows are SO pigmented, they feel super creamy, they blend like a dream, and the best part is that they smell like white chocolate. The shimmers in their palettes are honestly amazing as well, so definitely try out the Tartelette in the Bloom and the Tartelette Toasted palette. They have other palettes, but I think these are the best.

Anastasia Eyeshadow Palettes – My first high end eyeshadow palette was the modern renaissance and it did not disappoint. Both of these palettes are amazing in my opinion. I love the pigment, the blendability, the creaminess of the shadows, and the durability of these shadows because they literally make the entire palette amazing. The Modern Renaissance palette has MINIMAL fallout, but the Subculture has a bit more but it is something that you can truly work with. If you have to choose one out of both of these, then I’d recommend the MR palette.

On to the Hair Necessities!!

Olaplex Number Three – If you dye your hair a whole bunch, then you definitely need to splurge on this goodness! I use this before, during, and after dying my curls and it continues to keep my curls hydrated and healthy. It helps it stay safe from all the bleach from when you dye your hair and just helps it stay healthy as the days go on. You should definitely check it out if you have curls or even if you dye your hair a whole bunch because your hair will thank you for it.

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo & No. 5 Conditioner – Since we have already come to the conclusion that Olaplex is a MUST when dying your hair or if you have textured hair, I thought I’d share the shampoo & conditioner you might as well splurge on while it’s on sale! This line is paraben, sulfate, and Phthalates free and is perfect for all hair types, so do your hair a favor and treat it to some bomb products for the low low!

DevaCurl Products – Y’all, I have heard nothing but amazing things from this brand from all of my #curlfriends, so I wanted to share some of the products from this brand that I will be trying out! Their line has NO parabens, sulfate and silicone free, vegan, and it is cruelty free!! Their line is simply amazing and I have a whole review coming, so stay tuned and grab some stuff while it’s on sale from 10-20% off!! I’m most excited about their leave in conditioner and their curl styler because I have a great feeling that those two alone will be the products that make these curls pop lol!

I had so much fun sharing all things I love beauty and hair wise and I truly hope y’all enjoy! That’s all I have for this blog and I hope you enjoy this event that #Sephora is throwing!! Don’t forget to use the codes up top to receive money off on your purchase! Happy Wednesday y’all!


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