Sephora’s Huge Beauty Insider Event!

Sephora Beauty Insider Event - Simply Madisynn

Hey y’all!  I’m so excited about this blog post to be up because it has been one that has been in the works for a long time now.  If you know me, then you know I love all things beauty.  Today, Sephora started their huge Beauty Insider Event which means getting all of the beauty products you have been wanting to get your hands on for a whole discount!  In order to be able to get all of the benefits from Sephora’s sale, you will need to be a Beauty Insider.  If you are not a Beauty Insider already, then go ahead and click here so that you can go ahead and sign up for FREE!  Once you are signed up, you will get full access to be able to get all of the discounts on some of your favorite products.

If you are a Rouge member, then you get first dibs on the sale and a whole 20% off your whole purchase!  All you have to do is enter the code HEYROGUE and that will give you the sale applied to your purchase.  May 2nd is when the sale opens up for the VIB members and the Beauty Insider and will end on May 6th.  If you are a VIB member all you have to do is enter in code HEYVIB for 15% off your entire purchase and for the Beauty Insiders all you have to do is enter code HEYINSIDER for 10% off your purchase.  You will have a whole four days to grab all of the hair, makeup, and skincare products that you have been wanting all year long, so I went ahead and linked some of the top products from each category to make it easier for you.  I cannot wait to see all of the goodies that you all buy, so let’s get started!

Skin Care Galore!

Skin care is a huge part of my everyday life.  It is honestly one of the most simple routines, but it also helps me feel like a 10 when I am feeling like a 2.  The freshness your skin feels after a good skin care regimen is just one thing that you cannot pass up, so I wanted to share some products from some of my favorite skin care brands that Sephora has to offer.  You can hover over each item too to see what comments I have made about each item, so let’s get started!

Makeup Products!

On to the next category, makeup!  I love me some makeup, especially when it is on sale.  I added some of the top brands such as NARS, Bobbi Brown, Tarte, and many more and since they are all on sale, it is the perfect time to splurge!  My personal favorite brands are NARS, Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and plenty more, so I hope you all enjoy.  For the NARS foundations, I am typically in the shade Barcelona and the Bobbi Brown foundation I am the shade Honey for reference.  Here we go, y’all!

Hair Products!

The last category that I covered was the hair care side of things.  My FAVORITE products from this section are all the items from Olaplex because they are simply amazing and make sure to repair your hair in ways you never knew you needed.  It is a bit pricey, but I can guarantee that it is worth EVERY penny.  The other products that I have here I have heard nothing but wonderful things about them.  If you are one of my curly girls, then I know that you will love everything about these products!  I used to use a ton of the Ouidad products back in the day and they are simply amazing, especially for us curly hair girls!  I personally plan on trying the Deva Curl very soon, and this sale might just be the perfect time to make it happen.  Come check it out!

Anywho, that is all I have for this blog post, so I hope you all enjoyed!  I personally plan on taking part of this Sephora sale as well, so when I recieve my order you can definitely expect to see a haul.  Thank you so much for coming to check out this post as it is one of my favorites all year long!  I truly hope that you all decide to treat yourselves while everything is on sale because we all deserve some splurging in our lives.  I also wanted to say thank you so much for going through my links as it truly means a lot to me.  I don’t make a lot from the items purchased, but I do make a small commission that is able to keep my blogging dream alive and thriving, so thank you so much!  I cannot wait to share my Sephora haul with you all when it arrives, so make sure that you subscribe so that you don’t miss it!  Happy Shopping y’all and don’t forget to use the coupon codes at the very top!


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