The Pasta- House from the South!

Hey y’all! I am soooo excited for this blog because this weekend my girl Kierra and I tried out some delicious food and dessert places here in Dallas! We decided to try out a new

Italian place and it was SOOO GOOD!! As soon as you walked in you could smell the delicious food and you could tell that this little hole in the wall is a real deal Italian place. They had a very generous amount of dinner options on the menu, but we started out with

the fried cheese aka mozzarella sticks to get started. I’m not going to lie to ya.. These mozzarella sticks kind of disappointed me because they didn’t seem to be fresh and they definitely did not do the cheesy pull apart thing that most mozzarella sticks usually do. On another note, their Alfredo sauce and their garlic bread that they served before dinner came

out was super delicious, just like the dinner. For dinner I got this super AMAZING small pizza and it lets just say stole my heart. The pepperoni’s and peppers weren’t too much, the green onions gave it a really nice flavor, and it wasn’t too cheesy! If you have had Palio’s Pizza before, then you will think that this pizza is just a fancier pizza from Palio’s. This is just their small pizza and I could barely even finish half of it, so I can only imagine what their large pizza looks like as well!

For Kierra’s dinner, she got a meatball sandwich and she said that it reminded her of her childhood lol. She said the sub was absolutely delicious and that it wasn’t too dry with the meat and the bread, so I’m super excited to try it myself the next time we go!

Now when it comes to the bill, make sure you and your party either have cash or enough funds on your card to pay for everyone. Since it’s a true old fashioned hole in the wall, we were told they only do one check for the whole party. We were honestly expecting a bill of over $35 cause the menu seemed pricey, but our waiter informed us that they rang their stuff the old fashioned way and we ended up with a $29 check! I’d definitely consider that a steal considering how delicious and fresh the food was! So in my opinion, if you’re looking for a delicious homemade Italian food, but you aren’t trying to break the bank, then def try out Prego’s on Greenville Ave. in Dallas! It’s super cute for date night or girls night, so go out and treat yo self! Thanks for reading my Prego’s review and stay tuned for my cheesecake blog next cause this is one you won’t want to miss! Happy Monday y’all!!


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