The Secrets Behind Influenster!

Let’s talk all things Influenster!! I’m sure you have heard about Influenster about once or twice, but I wanted to make sure I spill all of my tips to getting some good vox boxes. I will also be sharing the four different boxes I have received just so you can get an idea of how cool this entire process truly is.

At first when I heard of #Influenster, I thought it was a fluke. I started to research it more and realized that it definitely is not a fluke, but then I learned that it’s just an awesome way to share your opinion on products, be able to see other people’s opinions of products, and you even can win the chance to review some free full sized name brand products!

Now that you know that you can earn free full sized products, you’re probably wondering how you can get started and what do you need to do to have a better chance of getting a good box? So, follow these steps and you’ll be on the right road to reviewing some goods.

  • Link all of your social media accounts directly to your Influenster account. It allows you to add your facebook, instagram, tumblr, pinterest, your blog, and other platforms. You definitely don’t have to do this part, but the more accounts and followers you have linked, the better chance you have of earning a vox box of some products.
  • After you have linked your accounts, you will want to go to the “+” sign and start to add reviews. When you click add review, it will pull up a search bar where you can search every makeup, skin care, nail products, household items, dog items, etc and tell people what you truly think of the products. The more you review, the better chance that you have at earning a free vox box for you to review, so when you have nothing to do then go fill out some surveys and get closer to being able to review something
  • Don’t just review anything. If you are looking forward to reviewing some makeup products or some hair products, then you need to make sure that your main reviews and surveys are coming from the makeup and hair section. Whatever category you review the most is the category you are bound to end up reviewing, so just be INTENTIONAL with everything that you choose to review.
  • Add photos onto your reviews and make sure you are “tagging” the company in your reviews. I feel like doing these two steps is just an extra way for you to make sure that your review is seen and just makes your review that much more real.
  • Ask Questions. This may seem a little repetitive, but trust me when I say to ask questions. I used to never ask questions and then one day a little tip popped up and said the more you ask and answer questions, the more it will help you to be able to review a new vox box. Plus, its just good to hear someone elses opinion sometimes!
  • Once you become apart of a campaign and you get your box, then make sure to complete the four tasks because it gives you more points and will help you get chose for another box to review!!
  • Participate in the campaigns that they are promoting at the time. Right now they are having a reviewer campaign and literally all you do is share your favorite products of 2018 or you can even share your favorite looks. You only need 100 points to qualify and you can enter as many times as you like, so just imagine your chances of winning.

I’m telling y’all, I literally used to think this was all a sham and then I started incorporating these steps and actually started getting boxes! I have received make up from Milk Makeup, Laura Mercier, Rimmel London, and even L’Oreal!! It is so much fun getting to try new things and then sharing what you truly like and don’t like about the product for others to see. The best part is that this entire thing is FREE so you’re literally winning every way it goes!!

I hope y’all enjoyed this blog and I really hope y’all love Influenster as much as I do! Remember to be intentional with those reviews, and you’ll get the category you want! Here is the link to get started, enjoy!


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